In her defense

I think she meant that since it was not a situation where I HAD to work (hopefully) and the fact that there would be FIVE kids he would be in charge of – after working all week long FT plus hours -( about 55 hours a week with no OT pay) my husband must have a lot of patience with kids – which he does- I didn’t see that she said that kids should be put in Daycare so the dad’s didn’t have to watch them.

Many men decide they do not want the their wife’s working at all since they are not use to the kids day to day schedules etc. and for kids just one little change in a schedule can be chaos for the rest of the day – PLUS when i work nights he comes home from work – i take a nap – get ready for work – go to work – he handles any problems from that time till i get home at 6 :15 am including any problems that has the kids getting up in the middle of the night – next AM i get home go to bed he gets up with the kids – gets them breakfast ready for school etc-all while having to get himself ready etc. and i get up after 2 1/2 hours sleep when he is ready to leave for work and i am up for the day – then he goes to work and as soon as he gets home i go to bed – and he is in charge again – so technically he gets no break for almost 36 hours ( if i work a Friday night i sleep Saturday day and he takes all the kids to their sports activities etc- if i do go back to work he will be taking 5 kids one a 6 month- 1 year old along for the ride too- that’s a lot of work !!! I know DH’s who would rather their kids be in daycare than they have to do things like this !!!

Any it does take patience whether Mom or dad to have larger families – most Moms i know with larger families do not work just because the dad’s just cannot juggle the ten things going on at once- as easily as Moms do – especially when the kids are very young.