My day today was kind of frugal

Well, my day today was kind of frugal in some ways – I bought a lot but could have spent a lot more!

i had to take my Ds down to vineland NJ to meet his best friend and his father – my son ( 12 ) was then going on with them to their shore house and staying till Saturday when they come home

PROS- less arguing between him and his 9 yo sister with one of them gone (we are ready for school to start here LOLL!! and he gets to spend time at the shore with his friend and get some shore experiences (he loves the shore ) and i don’t have to pay for the whole family to go

CONS- i had to give him $30 (well didn’t have to but i wanted him to have some money so they were not paying for everything – especially playing games or rides on the boardwalk – then again he actually is owed 2 weeks in allowance ($5 a week ) so $10 of that is from his allowance $20 from us ) – but again its cheaper than even taking teh whole family for teh beach for a day.

We got a little lost and i found an area that had a salvation army- a good will – a super Mart a bradlees and a Walmart (which i have non near me !!) so after i dropped DS off i figured we could do a little shopping for a few needed things – I was bummed because i didn’t have any of the goodwill $10 off $20 clothing coupons i had cut out of the newspaper : (

SO we stopped for lunch at BK – the three kids split two kids meals — I got a DBL cheeseburger (I am such a piggy now that I am eating for 2 LOL!!) i got a milk for ds and youngest DD to split and drank the one kids meal soda .

CONS- cost about $6 – would have been cheaper to back something if i had planned ahead

PROs- it sure satisfied a BK craving I had been having for the past few days (LOLL!) and while looking at a free publication they had in the lobby I found a coupon for goodwill like I had at home ! YIPPEE !!!

SO off to good will we went – it was a huge good will was nicely laid out- I ended up spending $22 total but here;s what I got:

5– ” cool ” shirts for DD 9 ( 2 from gap one from limited- one two name )

For Ds 12 : 2 t-shirts ( dark colors- seems the freebies from the Internet seem to be white a lot of the time and get stained so easily) in fact while he is gone I am going thru his drawers trying to get the stains out of his tees and trashing those beyond hope !) a nice gray polo style shirt that says ESPN ( he wil love this!!)

a nice- flannel one piece PJ set ( womans large ) with pooh and piglet pattern all over it – will use the material to make a doll blanket for my 3 yo pooh lover for Christmas and maybe a small doll pillow etc. or nightgown for the doll

a pooh game for 3 yo DD

A nice sky blue satin material bedskirt pillow sham and full size sheet (which I may see if I can make into a cover for her twin comforter )- all like new in beautiful condition !!

PROS- great stuff for low prices
CONs – haven’t thought of any yet LOL!!

Then i was onto Walmart where we found a dress for DD for her first day back at school – it was 10$ but will get plenty of use as a church dress too – I got a few new bras (outgrowing them) undies ( no comment LOL!!) a belt for my youngest Ds for school and a slew of bargain school supplies – then we went home very very tired !!

CONS”s – spent $71 at Walmart and put it on my charge (UGH) PROS- if i bought bras at a place like MACY’s etc i would have paid $71 for only the bras most likely – already wrote out the $71 ck to cover what i charged – and everything i bought was something needed to buy and at least at Walmart i got a good deal