Emergency funds

Do you all have an emergency fund? I am so new to this and have really got to make budgeting my job, or return to work………Snip

I like that phrase “budgeting is my job” – Can I borrow it? Yes we have an emergency fund, and I am soooo protective of it–heaven help me when we really need it–I’ll be in pain twice–the first crisis and then depleting my lovely emergency fund. So weird–and I was the one who used to think it was a successful month if I ended it with a few dollars left over in the checking account–and who needed a savings account, when there was “always” another paycheck coming? Scary.

The envelope system is the only thing that has ever worked for me to start saving anything. It’s visual and I “get it”. When I’m saving for something in particular, I create an envelope for it (Dave Ramsey calls it a “sinking fund“) and any money that I’ve saved, found, cashed in change etc goes in that envelope. It’s rewarding to see it fill up bit by bit and it is incentive to save a few dollars here or there from another category because I get to add those “saved” dollars to my savings envelope. Of course at a certain point, it should go to a bank but only into a special account.

Money just disappears in our checking account.

Oh and I saw a cute thing at the store–thought about copying it at home. It was a mason jar that had been outfitted with a harness type thingy that wrapped around the jar and had a cover over the lid with a tiny padlock locking the harness shut and the lid on. There was a hole/slit in the top for money to slot thru. The side of the jar was mark and labeled – a little bit up the jar, the label said “Movie and Dinner” Farther up the side of the jar the label said “A weekend on the town” and so on. I think at the very top was something like “Hawaii Vacation”

Lis in AL, who needs to go figure out something for dinner.