Don’t wok on me!

My electric wok died the other night and I was so annoyed. It’s only 18 months old. I called the local repair shop, but they told me it would be $26 minimum to even look at it + parts, and they didn’t want to do it. They considered an electric wok a disposable item and I should just go buy a new one. Now, this thing cost $139 new so there was no way that was going to happen.

I then called the company that makes the wok. They were rather rude, basically told me ‘too bad’ and that there was nothing they could do for me since it was over a year old. They seemed shocked I would even call them. When I told them I was disappointed with their product, they gave me the head office number.

I called the head office. They also said (somewhat more nicely), ‘too bad, it’s too old,’ but when I told them that most of my appliances were at least a decade old (my microwave is 16, my sewing machine is 32!) and they were still going strong so I was very disappointed in the wok, she changed her attitude a bit.

At least she asked me what the symptoms were and told me that it sounded like it was the power cord. She suggested I take my wok back to the store where I bought it, and ask to plug it in with a new power cord to see if it would work.

If so, I could get just a new power cord from her (for *only* $25.99).

I didn’t do this, but it was a somewhat better idea anyway.

When I told dh this, he took the power cord apart himself. Using his electronics toys, he located the faulty piece (capacitor, resistor, whatever the thing is). I then went off to an electronics store and bought its replacement. DH and my son will solder it in tonight. Cross your fingers that it works! If so, our total outlay will be $3.50.

Not bad. I went from $139.00, to $26.00 plus parts, to $25.99, and finally to $3.50.

And it’s not just the money, either. I just really HATE that ‘disposable’ attitude, and am happy to have struck a blow against it.

Lise (a lady you don’t want to cross this week, having lost my dream house to vandals)