My mini emergency fund

well right now I have a little less than $1000 in my mini EF – I call it my mini EF because it originally was money I was saving towards my being out of work after the baby is born and its only in my name in my savings acct.

I am thinking of keeping it that way as even though DH is pretty frugal – he thinks of it as money we can use towards something more than I do who wants to save it for emergency only.

I had only $300 in June so I am pretty proud of the fact I have built it up by depositing all rebates – any baby-sitting money and ay extra I had in my pay ck and I hope to build it up more in the next few months – but probably the bulk of my paychecks the next few months will go to paying off DDS’s braces before I stop working (we owe about $900) but if I can get my EF to 1000$ I will be happy !!