I am so bad!

Hello everyone!

I’m so bad! This weekend we have our annual hot air balloon festival here in town. We also have my 9 year old niece who came to stay with us so she could go to the festival.

They have a whole bunch of schools and other organizations selling food and what not to make money. Last night while we were there I discovered that 20oz sodas were selling for $1.50 a bottle and I had a major fit! I have 3 kids with me, all of whom could not drink an entire soda but I had to buy one for each (no extra paper cups to be found). So, for the 3 kids and my husband we spent $6. on soda plus another $1.00 for coffee for my father (he had 2 coffees) Of course then as we are watching the balloons launch they all expect you know who to hold their soda! “No way! I didn’t buy myself one because I didn’t want to carry it, so I’m not carrying yours either!”

Well, today we went back to the festival….and I was armed with paper cups! My husband and the youngest shared one soda and myself, my oldest and my neice shared the other. You should have seen the looks I got when we sat on a bench and I reached into my bag and pulled out those paper cups! It was kind of funny. But….at least I saved me some money!

And the moral of the story??? Next year go prepared on day one…don’t wait until day to and save more money!

Peg in Maine who loves that hot air balloon festival but does not like the prices!