When our son was born

When our son, Chucky was born, DH didn’t have a whole lot to do with him…DH was an only child and had not really been around kids….he was scared of Chucky. He made some comments to me one time about having to “babysit” Chucky when I went to a bridal shower…or something like that. I told him that you can’t “babysit” your own child…etc. I think I made him feel really bad, because after that, he made more of an effort to get to know his child. (Plus seeing how my dad and my brothers interacted with their kids helped)

He grew up without really knowing his father, so I don’t think he really understood the father-child bond. I have to say…he is one terrific father now and has been since Chucky was about a year old. In fact, he deals better with the kids in alot of aspects then I do, even though I’m around them more. He is better with them when they are sick, deals with emergency situations better and is more of a pushover too..LOL He is one heck of a guy! He is still nervous around babies, especially ones that aren’t ours…but he’ll have to get over that again..come November..


I know DH’s who would rather their kids be in daycare than they have to do things like this !!!

I know some women who can’t handle having only one child

I know some women who can’t handle having only one child, but won’t go into detail about it. If I describe it, somehow someone out there in cyberspace might see themselves in that category and be offended by it. It’s too bad there’s not a course offered and mandated before marriage that requires a couple not only to discuss if and how many children, but how each is going to contribute to the care of one or more. I have a feeling that quite a few divorces could be prevented. It’s one thing to keep your thoughts and dreams to yourself, as well as your partner’s dreams in check.

It’s another to be faced with the brutal facts of how time consuming, hard, even aggravating it is to raise children. It’s not to be taken lightly. It’s not like marriage, where you can just jump off the boat. Well, I guess you can, but not without a great expense to little human lives. It wouldn’t hurt prospective couples to do something like volunteer in a church nursery. Our church is big enough that couples often do just that, but not just young couples. All ages help out. It’s a really nice situation.